About Us

What ?

Fund10.in is India's First and Only Crowd Funding Website, Exclusively for Loan Settlements, with Focus on Farmers' Loans.

Our website is unique because we don't have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. 

We run only one campaign at any given time. We won't have any failed campaigns.

We Collect and Verify Loan Details through Farmers' Associations and Banks and our Representatives across the State. From the money Raised we settle the loans directly to the Loan Accounts.

Why ?

Forget funding for creative projects. 

  • 80 % of Farmer's Suicide is because of inability to pay back Loans taken from Banks and Institutions.
  • Farmers are committing Suicide for lack of less than Rs.10,000.

It is Our Collective Social Responsibility to Help these People.


No. We Don't have to give up Our Luxuries.

We Don't have to feel Guilty to enjoy a 5000 Rupee meal with our Friends.

We just Need to Spend 10 Rupees At A Time.

Inspire a 1000 People to give 10 Rupees, and Settle the Debt of Someone in Need.

Imagine : A Debt Free India

Imagine : A Debt Free India, 10 Rupees At A Time